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Traditional Chinese Medicine brings fast relief effectively for common symptoms like colds and flus

Mrs. Taylor, 2013
"I always thought Chinese Medicine was only good for long term and severe illness patients, who had been 'abandoned' by medical doctors and were failure in western medical treatments when they ran out of options. When I met Paul, I realized how bio acupuncture and Chinese Medicine could do for colds and flus.

I caught a real bad cold awhile ago, a good friend of mine urged me to visit Paul. It was then I experienced the wonder of bio acupuncture. I only visited him twice and took the Chinese Medicine for 2 weeks. In my amaze I didn't suffer much as before (which usually lasted for more than a month). The flu was under controlled within a week. By the 2nd week I was fully recovered!

Here's my conclusion: Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only good for people that have long term or severe physical problems, it can be applied for common symptoms like colds and flus."


No more low-energy, no more perimenopause...
The digestive issue was treated and a collective of symptoms were gone!

Melinda S., 2012
"I am so Dr. Chen who has helped resolve and improve all of the issues with which I have sought his help: digestive issues, low energy, peri-menopause and colds/flu symptoms. I am continuously amazed at how effective my sessions are. I would not hesitate to refer my friends and colleagues to Dr. Chen. His compassionate personality is very reassuring. Thank you."


No longer suffer from chronic lower back pain and stomach pain

Carl Bayard, 2009
"I wish to thank you for your Chinese Medicine treatment. When I first saw you no more than 2 months ago I was suffering from chronic lower back pain and stomach pain. With your acupuncture treatments and your natural medicine I am very pleased to say that I no longer suffer from this chronic pain."


Stress-free life without abdominal and gas pain

M. Roberts, 2009
"I had developed bad abdominal and gas pain for the last two years. Dr. Paul Chen at Soul Natural Holistic Medicine treated me for a pre-ulcer condition in November 2009.

After receiving some intensive bio acupuncture therapy sessions, following simple instructions of food and diet, and intake of natural herbal medicine, I was free of physical pain within weeks. I began to experience a stress-free life style. I slept better. Best of all, I wasn't as moody as before.

I thank Dr. Chen for bringing my health back. He also taught me the right ways of taking the right food. His genuine interest in improving people’s health has made him a great doctor."


My choice of Bio Acupunture or dialysis treatments from kidney disease

Mr. Chen's testimonial
Mr. Chen was diagnosed with kidney disease. His family doctor announced that he would need dialysis treatments for the rest of his life. Before seeing the specialist he took the acupuncturist Paul Chen's advice and started a series of full bio acupuncture treatments. He also made changes mainly on daily intake and keeping a healthy life style. Mr. Chen requested another examination and the result took his family doctor by surprise. His kidney was completely healthy. He had no need to see any specialist and receive any medical treatments.


Stomach cancer survivor found natural healing through Bio Acupuncture

Ms. Lee's testimonial
A survivor of a stomach cancer patient gained significant improvement by taking treatments from the acupuncturist, Paul Chen.