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Free Consultation at The First Bio Acupuncture Session

Soul Natural Holistic Medicine is here to assist and care for the ones that desire a customized naturopathic treatment and preventive medicine to prolong and maintain their health.

We want to encourage people whom currently suffer a great deal of physical pain or degeneration. You may regain a sense of control by being proactive and start seeking for an alternative medicine healthcare.

Book your first acupuncture appointment today and receive a free consultation. Let us help you build a balanced physical system in preventive healthcare and natural medicine.

We accept MSP Subsidy and Extended Medical Plan. We also offer specials on our Acupuncture Treatment Package Plan. For more information please contact us or call us at (604) 261-8313.



What Bio Acupuncture does to most requested treatment?

  • De-stress (Alternative treatment)
  • Detoxification (Cleansing program)
  • Maintenance (Nutrition program)

Body Detoxification Programs

  • Arterial cleanse
  • Blood cleanse
  • Environmental toxicity & heavy metal cleanse
  • Liver and gallbladder cleanse
  • Lymph Kidney and liver cleanse
  • Parasite cleanse

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