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About Us

Specializing in pain management & long term physical suffering

Soul Natural Holistic Medicine is a an alternative medicine clinic that practices Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its current location is at the heart of Richmond, B.C., a city that has a rich flavour of oriental culture.

The clinic provides naturopathic care such as bio acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbal remedy and nutritional supplements, which include GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic products.

Paul Chen is a registered acupuncturist and a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in BC, Canada.

Paul has been practiced bio acupuncture and preventive medicine integrated care since 1995 in Greater Vancouver area. He successfully helped many overcome their persisting pains and physical suffering such as arthritis, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other.

There has been overwhelming evidence showed tremendous improvement in one’s health. For more information please read their stories or watch the videos on TESTIMONIALS section.


Combination of unique techniques & experiences

Paul is a promoter. He has been a popular key speaker sharing advanced information with TCM and Acupuncture practitioner groups.

Key Volunteer
Paul is also a key volunteer for local charities by participating many events that offer acupuncture and TCM practice to public.

Paul’s passion in supporting the TCM and Acupuncture associates in BC has made him an activist. He has represented these groups and discussed some important matters with government officials urging solutions that work for both practitioners and their clients.